Currently Dr. Eric Sabers offers the following services:

Chiropractic Care and Wellness: 

Dr. Sabers has been studying chiropractic care for over ten years, and has developed an advanced wealth of knowledge in regards to treating patients. Dr. Sabers specializes in hard-to-diagnose cases, where our patients often see us for the first time after multiple attempts to find relief from our specialists, and they swear by our ability to quickly identify and effectively treat the true source of their affliction.

Whether you have become accustomed to a life of chronic pain or are suffering from an acute workplace, automobile, or sports-related injury, we’re here to get you moving comfortably again so that you can go back to living your life.

Dr. Sabers’ specialties range from extensive knowledge and research dedicated to migraine and headache relief, along with detailed training in sports rehabilitation.  In summary, Dr. Sabers took on Bryn Mawr Integrated Health in 2017 with one goal, To Keep You Moving. 


Nutrition Consultations:

With the introduction of nutrition care at BMIH, Dr. Sabers believes the wellbeing of a patient not only comes from proper chiropractic work, but from also learning how to adapt a healthy live style, and is excited to release this new service at the office.

As Dr. Sabers works with a patient by calculating macro and micronutrients— the major food groups as well as smaller nutritional categories such as individual vitamins and minerals— patients can look forward to creating a plan that is both doctor and patient approved, to address subjects from dietary needs, weight loss strategies, or the addition of a daily vitamin.  While all patients are eligible for this services, research indicated that working with a chiropractic nutritionist can be helpful with musculoskeletal disorders, coronary artery disease, obesity, diabetes and allergies.

Please reach out to the office for more information and how to book a nutrition consultation at: (610) 527-8127